Charles Inniss: Boston Personal Trainer Testimonials

Charles Inniss: Newton/ Boston Personal Trainer Testimonials

I started working with Charles Inniss after a significant injury left me with pain, weakness and muscle loss.

Charles' background in physical therapy combined with his knowledge and skill as a certified trainer was just what I needed to get back on track.

He designed a workout program for me that addressed the injury, brought back my strength and fitness, restored my muscle loss, and left me free of pain.

I continue to see Charles every week. He keeps working on the site of the injury, works with me on form, strength building, and stamina, and mixes in new routines as my workout needs evolve.

I'm biking, running, hiking, lifting weights, skiing, and doing all the physical activities I love. Working with Charles Inniss is invaluable in keeping me on that path.

Henry K. Newton, MA

I have been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with Charles Inniss. He is a thoughtful person with an extraordinary ability to motivate you to try your very best through support and spot-on direction.

I trained with Charles at one point specifically for a high-altitude hike and got into terrific shape. Charles is a dedicated and talented professional in the field of personal training who truly stands out amongst the crowd!

Meg B. Bounce Back Fitness Participant

Charles Inniss helped me get my life and fitness level back.

A year before I worked with Charles I was teaching aerobics classes and was very fit. That Summer I had gained a lot of weight and lost most of my confidence.

Charles was my personal trainer and cheerleader, taking the time to make sure my skin was beginning to feel like my own again. He pushed me out of my comfort zone and showed me new and exciting functional exercises that were efficient and effective.

At the end of our sessions there was a significant difference in my fitness level; and my comfort level with the gym was as high as ever. Charles is an expert in the field and I am very happy I had the chance to work with him.

Dana B.

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I am already starting to see some positive results in just a short time with you core workout program. It has only been 3 weeks or so and I have seen improvement in my running. I am working on improving my personal best marathon time of 2:56:22, and also working towards improving my ultra-marathon times. My best ultra-marathon time is 8:54:09 and it was a 50 mile race.

I just completed a training run of 34 miles and completed it in 5 hours. What I realized quickly is that my balance and posture are improving. I was able to maintain my form for the majority of the run. I felt that I was in control of my body and not laboring to one side or the other. The core work, I strongly believe, helped me attain this achievement.

Over the course of 34 miles, there are a lot of strides. As you can imagine gaining even just 1-2 inches in stride length can add up to a couple of miles. With your expertise in customizing a work out plan for flexibility in my hips and stride length, I felt I was able to run better with less effort. This is the whole goal of fine tuning for marathons (and more).

I have several more races over the next year to compete in, and I am very excited with the program you gave me. Within a short time frame you have already given me noticeable results. I have already told fellow athletes about your expertise, professionalism and customized programs. I highly recommend your services to anyone - it doesn't matter if they are running 50+miles like me, or someone who just wants to lose 5-10lbs and be healthier! I am proud to be associated with someone like you, and I look forward to our continued success!

Best Regards,
Sean Devan: Ultra Marathon Runner

charles inniss testimonial

Charles has provided me with constant support.

He has equipped me with tools of the trade and has always encouraged me to push my limits.

With a wealth of knowledge he has answered questions that I have had regarding clients with specific injuries.

Charles is definitely a resource that I will continue to utilize.

Liane D. Personal Trainer/ Athlete

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