Boston/ Newton Walking Workouts

With Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist Charles Inniss

Walking around the city of Boston is truly one of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice. There are so many beautiful spots along the Charles River and all throughout the city.

As a personal trainer (and physical therapist), I tend to recommend walking over running to many of my clients, because running can be really tough on your joints. And truthfully, walking can provide the same health benefits as running.

Clients often hear me use the term "Purposeful Walking". Everyone knows walking is good for them, but sometimes it's hard to get motivated to go for a walk.

However, if you have ever lived or worked near downtown Boston, you know that you have to walk everywhere. You might walk 15 minutes to and from the train station (30 total), and then another 15 minutes to and from a lunch spot (30 total). You could easily walk 60-120 minutes a day if you spend time in the city.

The great thing about this "Purposeful Walking" is that you don't consider it exercise, but it helps to keep you in shape and healthy!

I went to Boston University and lived in Kenmore Square for years, and I loved it.

But when I moved out to Newton, I found that my walking decreased dramatically and I definitely noticed it in my waistline, lol.

During the summer, I construct walking workouts for myself and my clients to help us all stay in shape.

Sample Walking Workouts

Walking workouts can be simple or complicated-- I prefer simple.

Here's a thought. Pick 3-5 exercises that require little to no equipment (e.g. push ups, lunges, squats, bench dips, step ups, jumping jacks, etc...).

Do 1 set of these exercises before you begin your walk. Then, simply repeat all of the exercises every 5-10 minutes into your walk.

If you're going for a 30 minute walk and stop every 10 minutes to do your exercises, you'll have completed 3 sets by the end of your walk.

If the weather is nice, try to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and scenic views of your city, and if you want a personal trainer to help you turn your walks into a workout just give me a call.

I hope my words help you get motivated to get out and walk.

Yours in Health,
Charles PT/PT

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